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anchester is a creative hive of activity, famed for
its multicultural make-up, impressive music
history and worldwide sporting prowess. We
recently visited the buzzing city centre with our
East Street Market collection, celebrating the
vibrancy and excitement that surrounds the city.

Explore our online features for an array of goodies,
from upmarket shops in Exchange Square, trendy
beatnik boutiques and cafes of the Northern Quarter to
Canal Street's delightful bars and restaurants. Take a
trip to the wonderful Northern metropolis and while
you're there, pop into our lovely Manchester shop!

Manchester's art & craft scene can be found
everywhere you go, from knitting groups to craft co-ops. Communitiesare coming
together to craft!

There's a plethora of independent cafes, bars
and delis with a difference in Manchester.
Head to the Northern Quarter, the best spot
for people watching

Still a hub for musical talent, there's a lot
more to the Manc music scene than its Brit
pop bands and prodigal sons.

The Mancunian accent is more subtle than
we thought, and no one appeared
to be 'mad fir it'.

Beyond the 'theatre of dreams', Manchester
has some surprising and unusual
sporting customs.

Crafty artisan coffee shops, pop-up knitting
workshops, and of course...
Lancashire cheese.

Get a taste of our collections in action on the streets of Manchester
and explore the full range online now.

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