Trend to Try:

The Peplum Top

Rethink everything you know about peplum frills. Ours are subtle and hide the bits you want hidden.



Peplum (noun)


a strip of material around the waist of a jacket, dress or blouse that hangs down as a decoration. AKA the flattering floaty bit on lots of our tops this season


Wear It With:

The longer length covers the
top of your jeans. If only every
top was this helpful.


Wear It With:
A Statement Skirt

Denim is our new favourite
neutral and paired with a
peplum hem makes the
perfect partner to one of
our patterned skirts.


Wear It With:
Tights & Boots

Think you can't wear a peplum
dress? Think again. The print
says White Stuff. The peplum
hem sneakily covers your
middle 'bit'.

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