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February Book Club

On the lookout for another page turner? Our friends at Penguin have found just the thing this February, the hotly-anticipated debut novel by Nicholas Searle, THE GOOD LIAR. Missed out on the hype? Here's what it's all about...

The Good Liar

When only a lie will reveal the truth

Roy is a conman living in a small English town, about to pull off his final con. He is going to meet and woo a beautiful woman and slip away with her life savings.

But who is the man behind the con and what has he had to do to survive this life of lies? And why is this beautiful woman so willing to be his next victim? This is a life told back to front.

This is a man who has lied all his life.

This is a book that will lie to you.

What's a book club without a good old discussion?

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