Christmas is over and frankly, we’re really feeling the bloat. Eating an entire selection box in one sitting seemed like such a good idea at the time. Leading health and energy expert Oliver Gray agreed to offer us some tips and advice for a healthier, happier New Year.  

The New Year is a time when lots of us think about change and resolve to adopt all sorts of lifestyle habits, from our diet to spending more time with family and friends, less time at work – and so the list goes on. By focusing on increasing your energy in 2013, you will naturally make life so much easier for yourself in all areas.

It is all about habits. Essentially living a healthy energised life is about creating healthy habits. If you can make healthy choices 80% of the time, you can then leave 20% to be flexible with life.
Here are my ultimate habits for improving your energy:
Turn your diet on its head
Eat a high energy breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack so dinner is light. For example, healthy protein, lots of vegetable and no heavy carbohydrates. This aids digestion, boosts energy and helps with weight loss.
Ditch technology at least one hour before bed
To improve your sleep, simply stay away from the television, laptop, phone and any other technology at least an hour before you go to bed.  
Reduce the big 4 modern addictions:
-       Sugar
-       Caffeine
-       Technology
-       Excessive thinking
Put simply:
Less of these = more energy
More of these = less energy
20 minutes of morning movement
Kickstart your energy each day with 20 minutes of movement. It doesn’t matter what, as long as you’re moving e.g. 20 minutes of yoga at home, 20 minute fast walk or cycle into work.
Make time for your high-energy people
The people you love can leave you feeling energised, so make sure you see them every week.
Stop multitasking - it’s draining your energy
Instead of trying to do everything, try to focus on one thing at a time. Your energy will improve as a result and life will be richer and more fulfilling.
Introduce an end of work ‘brain dump’
Giving yourself 10 minutes of stop time at the end of your working day to ‘brain dump’ will help you to switch off from work. It will help your evening energy and aid sleep.
Maximise food energy
Combining slow release carbohydrates and protein in each meal and snack will provide you with great sustained energy for 3-4 hours.
Break from computers
We weren’t designed to sit for hours in front of the box you’re looking at now. Make sure you take a break every hour and always take your lunch away from the computer.
Take action on your biggest problem
What’s the BIG problem that’s draining your energy? Write it down and set yourself three key actions to move towards a resolution.
Oliver Gray is the author of ENERGISE YOU – The ultimate health and energy plan. His book focuses on bringing together all the best information on health, energy & happiness in one easy-to-implement system for change.