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A good 'Crafternoon' is one of life's simple 'lo-fi' pleasures.
Invite some friends round for a bit of sewing, sticking and

host a crafternoon

general crafting! It's fun, virtually free, and you'll each come
away with something to keep, gift or even sell.

We've put together a plan of things you could eat, drink, do and
make at your Crafternoon.

Invite your friends in a lo-fi way! Just cut out some card and
draw on it – simple. You could always use the buttons from your

download wallpapers

White Stuff tags to decorate. Bonus points for tailoring your
invite to the personality of the person you're inviting.

Short on time? Packs of invitation cards are cheap now that most
people email!

Ask guests to bring paints, ribbon, beads, fabric, glue,
paper, scissors, crimping shears etc. so you won't have to
kit everyone out!

Jamie's 7 hour meals

If you're feeling arty, why not draw each other? If you have even
numbers, do it at the same time or you could take it in turns to
pose! Your most arty friend could judge (or have a group vote).
to have a prize for the winner.

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