nd so, one day whilst sitting on our Chesterfield sofas, playing Tiddlywinks and sipping dandelion and burdock (here in south London, why ever not?) we wondered... 'How Do You Do?' We thought we'd delve a little deeper into our great British local customs and celebrate the things we all love; crafts, music, lingo, food & drink and sport. Our shoot took us to the glorious city of Manchester (no, it didn't rain!) and to the charming sloping villages of the Cotswolds.

Our shoots feature our three womenswear collections East Street Market, House of Heritage and Write Now and our new menswear story.

Watch our autumn video now to find out what we got up to on our travels and get a better taste for our latest collections. You can also request a copy of our full Magalogue here or pick one up in your local shop for a complete guide to autumn at White Stuff.

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