We all have our wardrobe favourites; the safe, comfy
pieces you return to time and time again. It's easy to
reinvent these old faithfuls and add edge to new
frontrunners with just a few well chosen accessories.


We love our scarves at White Stuff. Each
season brings a new selection of colours,
textures and prints. Scarves are such a quick
way of updating your look inexpensively.
Choose from quirky prints or simply a
face-flattering shade.


It sounds simple, but one of the fastest ways to
change your silhouette is to cinch your waist
with a belt or waist tie. Try belting your usual
shift dress and cardi; it looks fresh, modern and
flatters your figure in an instant. Even bulkier
things can look nice belted - just keep the rest
of your outfit slim-lined.


A few key pieces of jewellery can really draw
an outfit together and add a new lease of life to
any look. An elegant lariat necklace looks
great with a V-neck and a few layered bracelets
can add a boho feel to your usual 'top and skirt'
combo. Never underestimate the huge
difference jewellery can make!


When the temperature drops, gloves become a
necessity. Practicality doesn't have to mean
compromised style; mix and match your hats and
gloves to give a tired coat a quirky edge;
you can't have too many combos!

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