East End seamstresses Ivy and Lil have been with White Stuff since the
beginning. They still work at Casa del White Stuff three days a week and sew
curtains for our shops; they’ve even been known to fix a party frock or two (in
return for a donation to the White Stuff Foundation, of course). They’re very
busy ladies but they took a few minutes out to tell us about their holidays.

Lil: Well, we went down hopping as little girls.
But we've had holidays since. No more hops
around here, are there?

Both: South Africa
Lil: That was Sean (Sean Thomas, White Stuff
co-founder), we went to his mum's. She lives in
Port Elizabeth, near Kenton-on-Sea. I've got my
passport packed and my coat, so I'm ready in
case we get called again! We’re greedy saying
that, because we had a wonderful time and it
was all paid for.

Ivy:Again, South Africa!
Lil: The weather was beautiful, lots of animals and what-have-you,
sun down on the beach. There was hardly anybody there except a
few families, and barbeque. That's the holiday we remember most.
Ivy: How many years ago was it?
Lil: About three?
Ivy: Yes.
Lil: Well I mean, we've been all over and done lots of things,
but that was THE holiday!

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