for the love of lo-fi crafternoons

Welcome to spring at White Stuff.

We've been yapping in the office and getting a little nostalgic, reminiscing
about the past and what kept us busy before technology took over.

We'd forgotten about the fun things we used to do, so we set about reacquainting
ourselves with the great outdoors, finding "old" hobbies, getting crafty (any
excuse) and suddenly we were all wearing real smiley faces!

You CAN have lo-fi fun on a computer (sounds crazy, we know!). In this section,
you'll find out how to host a 'Crafternoon', download some lo-fi wallpapers,

host a crafternoon

cook one of Jamie's 4 hour meals or have a nosy at some crazy collections and
find out what makes their collectors tick.

Click through the dividers on the right
- they'll take you wherever you want to go.

Jamie's 7 hour meals the collectors
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