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Funding scholarships in India, one bag at a time.

For the last two years, we at White Stuff have been selling
bags to fund a scholarship scheme in Bangalore, India
which gives high-achieving, underprivileged children the
help they need to continue their education.

Although schooling is free (and compulsory) for children
aged 6-14, India still has the largest number of illiterate
adults in the world. Over 50% of children drop out by age
fourteen. By providing scholarships to high-achieving
children (focussing on those aged 12-14 at higher risk of
dropping out of school) from poor families, we hope to:

  • • Keep more students in school
  • • Improve their literacy
  • • Increase their chance of completing their education

What's next?

We hope to extend the scholarship scheme
to underprivileged children of all abilities,
not just the high achievers.

Click here to watch the videos from
our visit to India.

White Stuff Foundation

raised through the sale of
'Made for Change' bags

A child's scholarship costs just £214 a year
and covers all their educational expenses
including school fees, uniforms and shoes,
educational materials and exam fees.
We are hoping to raise even more money
to put lots more children
through school in 2014.

Our 'Made for Change' bags are made from
surplus White Stuff fabrics and there are lots
of different print combinations to choose from.
This bag costs just £3.50 and all proceeds go
towards the scholarships. Get yours here >

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