White Stuff Bath & White Stuff Bluewater
White Stuff Edinburgh & White Stuff Exeter
Clothing prints are designed & created in-house at White Stuff
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The White Stuff story...

...began in the mid eighties, when our ski-loving founders, George and Sean, started selling 'Boys from the White Stuff' t-shirts and mad cow hats to fund their fun on the snow-covered slopes. Six years later, the boys waved the French Alps goodbye and opened the first ever White Stuff shop in Battersea, South London.
The rest, you might say, is history.

Today we've got shops all over the UK
and across Europe

...as well as a thriving website - and, while mad cow hats are now off the menu - we haven't lost one ounce of our sense of humour. In addition to providing a home for our unique women's and men's clothing, gifts and homeware, our shops serve as a meeting place - somewhere you can stop by, have a cuppa, and socialise. They're also decked out with things we love, from offbeat wallpaper and reclaimed vintage tables, to one-of-a-kind fixtures and fittings.

When it comes to our products

Original, hand-drawn prints, intricate details and quirky touches are our thing. We have an in-house design team whose brilliant creative vision translates into our seasonal collections. Working with high quality, ethically sourced materials, we're big on little details and hand-drawn prints-creating clothing that always prizes a smile from its wearer.

Charity is also a big part of who we are

We support local charities through the White Stuff Foundation. Every one of our shops supports a local organisation, and our company commits to donating at least 1% of its annual profits to them each year.

Our story

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