Read our helpful(ish) packing tips and learn some quick-fix holiday suitcase
slimming tips. There are also downloadable packing lists to relieve pre-holiday
stress; one for a sunny city break and another for a beach break.

Because nobody wants to be burdened
with a chunky case...

  1. 1. Black cases look slimmer
  2. 2. Feel the pressure - stuff it full of bikinis
  3. 3. Put a belt around it to keep everything
    in its place
  4. 4. Weigh it every day to make it feel bad
  5. 5. Show it lots of glamorous magazines
  6. 6. Avoid junk in its trunk by taking it for a spin
  7. 7. Put a picture of it looking large on the fridge
  8. 8. Give it half a grapefruit every morning
  9. 9. Introduce it to Bikram Yoga
  10. 10. Shade its sides for a sleeker look
Tara Willis, Graphic Design Manager

"Accessories and jewellery are great for livening up your
outfits but it's not wise to pack anything too valuable in
the hold - suitcases can go missing."

Bianca Pal, Creative Copywriter

"Stuff bulky items up your top - look a bit pregnant and you
may get an upgrade. Warning: if you look too far along, they may
not let you fly. Might take a bit of convincing if you're male."

Jo Robson, Graphic Designer

"Take layering to the next level and wear as
many of your clothes as you possibly can.
That'll save some room in your hand luggage."

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