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Make Your Own Gardening Bag

White Stuff customer Heather made this lovely gardening bag for her best friend Carol’s birthday. Here, she shows us how to make it. It doubles as a shopper for any non-gardeners out there! If you've got something crafty you'd like to share, get in touch through social media! Just remember to include lots of lovely photos (of yourself and of your make).    Yo...

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How Green Fingered Are You?

Are you potty for potting? Find out here…   Do you think a ‘Trellis’ is: a.       A tasty flan with apples and almonds b.      The Spanish equivalent of the name ‘Doris’ c.       French for ‘Lady Garden’ d.      A framework of ...

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The Sir Isaac Newton Apple Tree

In our spring magalogue, we featured an interview with Thomas Broom, Chief Horticulturalist at Petersham Nurseries.   One of the questions we asked him was ‘what is the most exclusive plant you have ever handled?’ before featuring his reply, ‘That would be the Sir Issac Newton apple tree- it’s actually growing in my garden’.  We now realise that t...

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