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Pain in the Back

To mark National Backcare Awareness Week (7-11 October 2013) Oliver Gray, author of 'Energise You', offers some handy tips on relieving back pain.   Back pain is a common problem that affects most people at some point in their life. According to research of over 4,000 people (by energiseYou) over two-thirds (68%) of us regularly experience tension or feel pain in our neck, ...

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Work-life Balance

When your life is in balance, it helps you achieve great health, energy and happiness. Contrary to what some might think, if you have good work-life balance, you will actually perform better at work. Here are leading health and energy expert Oliver Grey’s top tips for taking control of your life. I often get asked ’how can I create a good work-life balance when the company culture i...

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Fun Fur

Soften your autumn/winter wardrobe with some faux fur! It’s warm, cosy and looks fab too. Our furry new friends capture the trend perfectly; experiment with a snood or try a jacket for maximum snugness.  Big jackets and gilets look best with something slim and narrow; a nice pair of slim-legged jeans or trousers should do the trick.  ...

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