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The Sir Isaac Newton Apple Tree

In our spring magalogue, we featured an interview with Thomas Broom, Chief Horticulturalist at Petersham Nurseries.   One of the questions we asked him was ‘what is the most exclusive plant you have ever handled?’ before featuring his reply, ‘That would be the Sir Issac Newton apple tree- it’s actually growing in my garden’.  We now realise that t...

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Kale, Butterbean and Orange Soup with Almonds

Our good friends at organic food delivery company Abel & Cole have come up with a tasty seasonal recipe for February; why not give it a try this weekend? Kale, Butterbean and Orange Soup with Almonds       Kale, Butterbean & Orange Soup with Almonds   Prep: 15 minutes Cook: 25 minutes Feeds: 2-4 people   Greens, beans and citrus: a knock-yo...

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Shooting Spring Part Two: Rosendale Allotments

One of the stories from our spring magalogue took part in blustery Rosendale Allotments; what an amazing place. There was a great sense of community, something that can sometimes find hard to come by in such a big city (London). We came away with very muddy boots and tired legs but it was allot-a fun and we think the results were worth it in the end. Number of mud slips: 6. Numbe...

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