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Our Summer Scrapbook Collection!

Our latest ‘Scrapbook’ collection has caused quite a storm!  The unique collection is inspired by scrapbooks and sketch books, each look allows you to express your creativity, to be experimental with outfits and play with bold colours, vibrant prints and eclectic patterns.   It’s not always plain sailing when it comes to choosing the perfect summer outfit, and even...

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Tips for Summer Gardening

Summer Solstice has just passed, marking the longest day of the year. As we move into July, there's the promise of heaps of sunshine and warmer days (hopefully!).  Whether you’re at home in the sunshine or heading away on holiday, its important put in the ground work in to your garden to prepare it for the height  of summer.   The Royal Horticultural Society has ...

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Top tips for holiday packing!

The holiday is booked, flights sorted and you have carefully decided on which clothes and accessories are coming with you. However, there is one last hurdle before you reach your destination…the dreaded packing. We have some great tips to help resolve all your packing issues and rid the pre-holiday stress! *Lists are NOT for losers Don’t underestimate the value of mak...

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