Now on to the lost village of Imber, taken by
the war office in 1943, and an Indian beach
town devastated by a tsunami in 1971.
This is the setting for Joanna Rossiter’s
amazing debut novel, The Sea Change,
in which a mother and daughter's stories
intertwine in a haunting novel about our
sense of place, the landscapes we live in, and
what it means to lose them. Joanna was only 25 when she
wrote this and she is most definitely a star in the making.

Finally, if you are all caught up in Great
Gatsby fever, you can return to the Roaring
Twenties this summer with The Other
. It’s New York City in 1924 and at the
height of Prohibition when the whole city
swims in bathtub gin. Rose Baker is just a
regular gal (a female typist at a police station)
until a new woman joins the typing pool; the

sexy and mysterious Odalie. As the two girls' friendship blossoms,
they flit between the sparkling underworld of speakeasies
by night, and their work at the precinct by day. It’s not long before
Rose's fascination for her new colleague turns to obsession. But
just who is the real Odalie, and how far will Rose go to find out?
The Other Typist is the perfect novel for sultry summer nights.

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