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Take a moment, now and let us guide you through the ‘science bit’. Reading this section is more effective than counting sheep.


Our online shop uses the very latest encryption technology (SSL) to ensure that your transactions with us are completely private and protected as they travel across the internet. When you proceed to make your purchase, your browser makes a connection to the secure section of our website. Your browser will show a padlock in the bottom right corner to indicate that it has made a secure connection and depending on your browser a window may pop-up to notify you that you are entering this safe area.

Safety and Security Tips

If you are using a public computer, always log out and close the browser when you’re finished.
Keep your passwords private. Anybody who knows your password might be able to access your account.
Try and use at least 8 characters when you are creating a password - a combination of letters and numbers is best. Try not to use dictionary words, your name, email address, or other personal information that can be easily obtained as it’s easier for scoundrels to hack these. Try to change your passwords regularly. If you need help with this go to your account page and click on ‘Change my password’.
Try to avoid using the same password for everything – we know it’s easier but if someone works it out then they can open everything.

Please note

We will never ask you to confirm any account or credit card details via email and if you receive an email claiming to be from White Stuff asking you to do so then please ignore it and do not respond.

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