We visited our Battersea shop last month just when the first flurries of snow had started. We had a bit of a nose around and we spoke to the lovely manager, Kate who told us all about her shop.

How would you describe your shop?
It’s got a very homely feel – we want our customers to feel looked after. 
How many in your team
There are 15 of us. Quite a team! Saturday is our busiest day when it’s all hands on deck. It’s not all work with us though - we have a bit if fun too, we’re a close team and we look after one another. Tonight we’re going to see our colleague, Poppy’s band play a gig.
How do you make your customers happy?
We’re a friendly bunch and we understand our customers and their lifestyles really well. We know many of them by their first names and if I see them out and about I’ll stop and have a chat! I have a four year old so I know how difficult it can be when shopping with kids in tow – we want to make it as easy as possible which is why we have a kids’ area in the shop.

Best selling product?
It’s got to be the Dolce Pant – they sell like hot cakes when we have them.
Tell us a funny story
Mark Owen once came in and asked for change for the parking meter – he was a bit scruffy, we thought he was a tramp! Connie Huq and Charlie Brooker come in sometimes too.
Which charity does White Stuff Battersea support?
Trinity Hospice, a place for the terminally ill in South West London. We’re really passionate about fundraising and in the past we’ve jumped out of a plane, ran 10k runs and took part in a quiz. Last year we did so much that we got nominated for an award! We try and do something once a month; it keeps us motivated and we like to give something back. 

Do you do anything else in the local community?
We run a book club with Penguin Books for around fifteen people, it’s gone down really well and lots of our members now socialise together outside of the club. We’re friendly with the other local shopkeepers too.
What do you love about White Stuff?
It’s so creative! Our windows are always a talking point.

What was your favourite ever wrap theme?
The ‘Keep on the Grass’ dog cuddly toy window theme. Sounds ridiculous but they were so cute! We ended up selling a lot of the toys on for charity.

More pics from the shop: