About our shops

Each White Stuff shop is unique. More than simply housing our beautiful products, they are places where people can meet and socialise. Some are tiny, some are huge but inside all of them you'll find cheerful shopkeepers, a warm, friendly atmosphere and a decent cuppa.

We don't like to boast, but our shops are also (ahem) award-winning.

Pets are allowed!

We love animals so you're welcome to bring your pet dog/cat/pet iguana into any White Stuff shop. Just make sure they don't leave us any unpleasant surprises!

Unusual changing rooms

It's not every day you get to try clothes on in a vintage shower cubicle, is it? Well you can in our Bath shop. And we have a few other unusual changing rooms too, from potting sheds to souvenir shops. You can even walk through a wardrobe, Narnia style.

Pick 'n' mix

Did you know the average person burns about 75 calories per hour when shopping? All the more reason to top up those energy levels with a few sweets. Some of our shops sell their own - all we ask is that you pop a few pennies into our charity donation jar.

Kids stuff

We know what it's like when you've got little ones tugging at your trouser leg when you're trying to shop. Keep them busy with a colouring sheet - all of our shops have them. We won't judge if you fancy having a doodle too. Some of our shops even have their own dens.

Sitting comfortably?

Our cinemas feature different child-friendly films every day. Each one is rated PG. Customers of all ages can book the cinema for private parties or viewings (this is free of charge but donations to the shop's local charity are always welcome).

Book worms unite

Love books? Then you might fancy joining White Stuff Book Club. Sponsored by our friends at Penguin, they're the perfect way to get together and talk about something other that last night's X-Factor.

local charities

We agree that 'charity begins at home' and each of our shops supports its own local cause through the White Stuff Foundation. White Stuff also commits to donating 1% of all profits to the White Stuff Foundation. Read more

Brits abroad!

Our first international shop opened in Copenhagen in 2011, and was followed by Aarhus and Oldenburg in 2015. Like our UK shops, they're jam-packed with our trademark creative touches, like vintage wallpaper, sweet shops, kids' play areas and tea bars. Oldenburg even has a community herb garden out front!

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