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A guide to pressing flowers in a book or microwave

Flower pressing is the perfect way to hang on to a gorgeous bloom. As
well as looking beautiful, a framed flower will help you remember the
occasion you received it (and hopefully encourage more flower giving!).

Method 1: Press flowers in a book

You will need:

  • • A big heavy book you don't need any more (it will get damaged)
  • • Eight sheets of plain white paper
  • • Any flowers you wish to press (it's better to pick them at their peak)


  1. 1. Open your book and place two sheets of paper either side
  2. 2. Place your flower onto one of the sheets of paper
  3. 3. You can press more than one flower in the book, you just need to add more
    paper and make sure there is about an inch of book space between the flowers
  4. 4. Store your pressing book in a cool, dry place with some more books piled on top of it
  5. 5. Change your blotter sheets every few days
  6. 6. After a few weeks, your flowers will be ready! Use them to decorate
    greetings cards or frame them up

You will need:

  • • Two ceramic tiles               • A microwave
  • • Two elastic bands               • Cardboard
  • • A flower to press                 • Paper


  1. 1. Line each tile with a piece of cardboard and a piece
    of printer paper
  2. 2. lace your flower onto one side, so it is sandwiched between two pieces
    of paper and one piece of cardboard
  3. 3. Secure your press with two elastic bands and place it in the microwave
  4. 4. Microwave for 30 seconds, check the results and put it back in until the
    flower is completely dry
  5. 5. Use your pressed flower to decorate a greetings card or frame it up

* Be careful, those tiles can get hot. Make sure there is no metallic detail
on them and always ensure children are supervised.

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