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Hilary Nicholls from FrockChicks
has some helpful advice to help
you refresh and update your
wardrobe for spring. Hilary is an
experienced London-based stylist
who loves helping people to enjoy
dressing well by learning about
their bodies. She assures us there is
nothing scary or complicated
about dressing stylishly. A few
simple tips and you'll be on your
way to loving your wardrobe,
shopping smarter and avoiding
expensive mistakes!

Spring? What spring? Don't worry, we've got this "not-as-freezing-as-it-was
-ooh-i-think-I-saw-some-sunshine-oh-no-rain-again" season covered! With
longer winters and summers, spring and autumn are now a bit of a blur.

Remember that fashion journalists often run out of creative categories for
prescribed trends and at an everyday level anything goes, in terms of dressing
for spring '14. At this time of year, virtually nothing is more depressing than
being asked whether you're feeling 'ok' because you're wearing the wrong
shade! There's nothing like perking up your wardrobe with fresh colours and
flattering styles to help you dress without stress, look healthier and enjoy the
season; however it turns out! Here's how to reboot your wardrobe with a
FrockChicks Spring Clean. Read Hilary's top ten tips below.

Hilary's top ten tips

Hang up jumpers, cardigans and T-shirts that have been buried at the
bottom of piles/drawers and show them the light of day. You'll be able to
see what you've got to work with so much better. Sort your wardrobe
hangers out into dresses, skirts, shirts, jumpers etc. and within each
section, arrange into sleeve length, colours, collar types so that when you
need your emerald green, Peter Pan collar blouse, you can lay your hands
on it in seconds.

Get rid of anything in your wardrobe you haven't worn in
the past year. The beginning of any season is the perfect
time to do this. Recycle unwanted clothes by organising a
clothes swap with some friends, or donate to a worthy
charity of your choice. Old cashmere jumpers and
shrunk, holey knitwear are great for felting and making
into cushion covers or throws! Make a list as you go of
items you need to replace or key items that would
make your wardrobe work better.


Pack away your dark black, grey or brown
chunky jumpers, cardigans and coats. Keep a
colourful, warm coat to hand and a few
jumpers and cardis in varying colours to face
our weather!

Retrieve any items from the back of the
wardrobe that have fallen off hangers, wash
any hand wash items that have been buried
at the bottom of the laundry pile, check
clothes for falling hems and holes and take
them to be mended, along with clothes
overdue a good dry clean.


It will be bare-legged time soon, so start
giving your pins some T.L.C now. Moisturise,
put your feet up, get a pedicure, use tanning
products and book a leg wax so you don't get
caught out on the day when the sun decides
to shine!

If the weather isn't exciting us, it's time to cheer each other up with the colours we wear. Try experimenting with chartreuse (not quite green/not quite
yellow) which will add a great pop of colour to navy, grey or black. Pastels have made their annual reappearance on the high street (even if they haven't
in our gardens yet) and pale lemon, powder pink and baby blue can all be worn with grey or denim for an updated look. If brighter colours work better
for you, invest in a top or dress in this season's cobalt blue, radiant orchid or tangerine orange. Geometric and floral prints are everywhere. I love
White Stuff's fun prints; chairs, phones, birds, vegetables and more.

In times of unpredictable weather, be prepared!
With a nicely organised wardrobe, layering
becomes simple. If you have deep colouring,
strong contrasts in your layers will work well, for
example, dark navy and cream. People with
lighter colouring should go for tone-on-tone
contrast or interesting colour blends for example
mustards and teals, corals and greys, oranges and
khakis. Pair a loose blouse with a cropped boxy
jacket or cardi and a light coat. Wear with skinny
jeans or slim-legged or tuck into a pencil skirt or
A-line skirt and pair with ankle boots for an easy
dress-up, dress-down look with the addition of
statement jewellery, a coordinating scarf, a hair
updo and some classy shoes.

If you're smaller in frame, avoid big,
bold prints as the pattern will end up
wearing you. Patterned tunics/dresses
with a tie waist or waist-cinching detail
will make you look less like a curtain! If
you're on the larger side, enjoy bold
colours and larger prints - make sure
any top/dress has a lower neckline and
ideally skims the waist with an empire
line or wrap design. For a style update,
invest in a statement necklace or try
tying your scarf in a new way.

The best way to look good, whatever the season, is to be happy! Enjoy who
you are, celebrate your individuality and don't live through the season
with an 'if only' attitude. Be content with now and dress for the life you
lead, never the one you'd like to.

As you think about replacing your wardrobe gaps after your 'Throw Out'
and 'Tidy Up' steps, consider your body shape. Dressing for your shape is a
simple skill to learn which can help your wardrobe to work for you all the
time. Check out the FrockChicks Guide to your Body Shape to find out

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