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Around the world with Penguin You can't beat a good summer read...

Our friends at Penguin have put together their ultimate travel-inspired collection. Whether you are jetting off for
a relaxing sunshine break or heading for an outdoor adventure, these reads are sure to get you inspired for your
next journey. Where will you #followyourfeet to next?

                        The art of travel

Before we set off, Alain de Botton's classic, The Art of Travel, looks at why we really want to get away in the
first place. Enlisting help of writers and artists, from Flaubert to Van Gogh, de Botton unpicks the summer break
looking at everything from holiday romance to hotel mini-bars all the while suggesting how we might be happier
on our journeys.

So, the first stop, by way of New York, New England, London and West Africa, is Taiye Selasi's glorious Ghana
Must Go
. Spanning generations and continents, this is the story of a family torn apart trying to find a way to
come together again. Beautiful, breathtaking and unforgettable the bright, vivid and mesmerising world of this
novel will stay with you long after your tan has faded.

We now venture across the African continent and the Arabian Sea for Mohsin Hamid's ingenious and affecting
How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia. Timely and timeless, Hamid's portrait of a nation through one man's
life, from rural poverty to industrial wealth, is brilliantly told in the style of a self-help book. Despite the arch
set-up and the book's very funny moments, the love story at its heart packs a serious emotional punch.


Now due south, away from the heat, dirt and noise of the City to the maddening whiteness of the Antarctic and
Rebecca Hunt's thrilling Everland. The novel follows two expeditions, a century apart, with those in the
present keen to avoid the now famous tragedy of those in the past. Stunning, exciting and at times very scary,
this is essential reading for adventurers everywhere.

Off to sunnier shores now with one of Spain's very best, as Javier Marias reimagines the classic crime novel in
The Infatuations. Love, death and obsession all feature heavily in this hypnotic book of love and its sometimes
deadly consequences. If you've never read him, you are in for a major treat.

Finally, back to Blighty, with John le Carre's blistering new thriller A Delicate Truth. Le Carre has been
mercilessly charting the public and secret histories of his times for over half a century and with this incredibly
timely new book he turns his attention back to nefarious goings-on in the shadows of Whitehall. At the heart of
the novel is a whistle-blower, a man desperate to do the right thing, someone prepared to forsake everything to
expose the realities of our world. In these post-Snowden times, a new novel from le Carre is essential as ever.

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