our teams top 5 travel destinations

Monika Warzecha, Womenswear Allocator

Where you went:

Backpacking in Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.

When you went:

Summer 2012 for three months.

What you saw:

Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines, Paracas National
Reserve Lake Titikaka, Buenos Aires, Tigre, Iguazu Falls National Park,
Mendoza and the vineyards (often on a bike - hilarious after all the wine
tasting!), Salar de Uyuni, Potosi and the silver mine, Sucre - cultural
capital of Bolivia.

Funniest thing you heard/saw/did:

I made several language hiccups resulting either in sheer horror or the
never ending amusement of the locals - luckily, the latter happened more often!

Your favourite thing about the holiday:

A complete lack of routine and not knowing what the next day would bring.
Travelling in overnight coaches with reclining seats and meal service.
Sandboarding, sleeping in a jungle lodge, eating asado and drinking

choose a destination2. Bali3. Croatia5. Italygo home >4. Canada and America

Malbec, hitchhiking, camping near waterfalls, swimming in a hidden
natural pool.

Where you stayed (if you recommend it):

Mainly hostels but also with local people through websites like

What would you do if you went back?

I will definitely go back to South America or Peru to visit the North.
La Paz, the highest altitude capital city and Buenos Aires -
maybe I will learn to tango properly!

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