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Help! I have five Christmas
parties to go to and I'm on a tight
budget this year - please could
you show me some different
ways of wearing one dress?
Jodie Whittaker, Oxfordshire

There are lots of ways to breathe
life into new outfits, but the
quickest is with the addition of a
cardi, tailored jacket or bolero [1].
These have the added bonus of
keeping you cosy at the same
time! If you're starting with a
loose dress, you can always nip it
in at the waist with a pretty
narrow belt [2] which has the
added benefit of adding a pop of
colour. A statement necklace
instantly changes your outfit and
makes it dressier [3]. Don't be
afraid to pile on the jewellery for
parties; 'more is more' at
Christmas time!

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Hi I would love some advice on
how to put together some outfits.
I am more of an hourglass figure
but have broader shoulders and
my top half is nearly two clothes
sizes (UK 12/14) bigger than my
bottom which is more of a size 10.
I work full time as a childminder
so I need practical clothes that
still look smart.

Looking in proportion is all about
balance, so you're basically
aiming to exaggerate your bottom
half to balance your shoulders.
You could definitely try a
coloured [1] or patterned [2] jean
as you are slim on the bottom
half. Tops wise, a fitted jumper
with a peplum hem would work
well for you [3], or for a smarter
look try one of our printed tunics
matched with leggings and ankle
boots [4].

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How the heck do you wear a
Bewildered Man, Milton Keynes

Cardigans (1) are a great addition to
any wardrobe - they're perfect for
layering. More versatile than a
jumper, cardigans can be worn over
our Encore Grandad T-shirt (2)for
a relaxed look. For more formal
occasions (think Christmas Day!)
try wearing your cardigan over a
shirt and tie (3)or with a blazer (4)
for a great smart/casual winter look.
Pair it underneath outerwear such
as our Huntsman Jacket (5) for
extra insulation.

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