wish you worked here?

We love dogs at White Stuff. They’re welcome in all
of our shops and we’re encouraged to bring them to work, too. Our loyal employees tell us what it’s like to work for a Times Top 100 company.
Issy, the most glamorous bitch at Cas del White Stuff
Issy: the most glamorous bitch at Casa del White Stuff
“Getting regular massages is a real work perk (Tanya’s hands are magic) and I’m hopelessly addicted to the hot chocolate from our free drinks machine. They’re a tad calorific though so I try and steer clear now - a girl has to watch her figure, after all. They treat us really well here and my social life has got a lot more interesting after joining the team – they’ll have a party to celebrate the opening of an envelope! We all love a bit of fancy dress, it’s really fun. We work hard, we play hard.”
Carrie’s our favourite old-timer
“A fab pension scheme, a dental insurance plan, a Cycle to Work scheme and discounted gym membership are just some of the perks we enjoy. I’ve been here for years now and have no plans to leave anytime soon.
in it for the longhaul!
I’ve got a long way to go before I can compete with Ivy and Lil – our seamstresses have been here since White Stuff started; over 25 years ago!”
Baxter’s the new pup on the block
“I was welcomed into the White Stuff family straight away. My first question when I arrived (after “where is it okay to wee?”) was naturally, “How much will I be able to play outside?” There’s a little outdoor courtyard with plenty
nosy parker
of meetings out there instead of at their desks. They have their lunch out there too and always give me scraps (even though they’re not really supposed to). I only get in trouble when I try to chew the projector cable. Sometimes I chew George’s ear instead. Occasionally he likes it but sometimes he bites me on the bum and everyone laughs.”
george loves cake George loves cake
“Cake. That’s definitely one of my favourite things about
White Stuff. We have birthday cake every month and people are always baking them and bringing them into work too. It makes diets tricky - I’ve put on
a few pounds around the
middle since starting here!
It makes everyone happy though. I also look forward to a
pint or two at our office pub, Ye Olde Ivy and Lil. It’s open
the last Friday of every month. All takings are donated to
the White Stuff Foundation. We take it in turns to man the
bar – it’s me and Issy next week, we might get a bit generous with the measures! Might need to take one or two ‘Duvet Days’ to recover! The other nice thing about White Stuff is that ‘we don’t wear suits, don’t make suits and don’t act like suits.’
It’s much nicer being able to wear whatever you like
to work. ”
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