Women's Sandals

It’s always good news when it’s hot enough for sandals. These little wonders have an uncanny knack for putting the finishing and flourishing touch to whatever it is you’re wearing. While some styles come and some styles go, combining a pair of wedge sandals with your skinny jeans or denim shorts is a timeless classic. Platform sandals tend to come in one of two flavours. Go for either the ergonomic style with cushioned inner soles designed for a long and lazy stroll around your favourite park, or a more espadrille style sandal for when the furthest you’ll be walking is from the sun lounger to the beach bar. Flat sandals on the other hand are the dream for travel bag packing. Squish a pair into any available space, then slip another pair into the side pocket just for luck. Who knows which you’ll be wanting to wear when you reach your destination.