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Worcester and Malvern Special Families

Malvern Special Families' relationship with our Worcester shop team goes back a long way, to 2013 in fact and so far they have really helped keep the charity doing what it does best.

So what does it do best? A local charity that provides safe, stimulating and fun social opportunities for children and young people with disabilities 'out of school hours' in Malvern and Worcester, Malvern Special Families also gives families a short break from their caring duties.

The charity is now in its 30th year and has grown to help 175 families at clubs and play schemes in both Malvern and Worcester.

'The Worcester White Stuff team have always gone above and beyond to help raise awareness about our charity and special needs'

Cassie Zoro from Malvern Special Families.

'From skydiving to cycling, and even "doggie pawtrait day" fundraisers, they have all been so enthusiastic and passionate and have even come along to clubs and on trips out to find out more about our charity and meet some of the children and young people that attend our play schemes,' Cassie adds.

Over the last eight months alone the team have raised nearly £1,800. But it's not just the money that they've raised that's helped the charity continue to do great work.

By linking Malvern Special Families up with local artist Zaza Shelley the charity were able to offer new art sessions led by the artist at their play schemes which gave the children and young people confidence in their ability to produce a piece of collaborative community art.

Now, after expanding to a new center in Worcester, our shop team has its work cut out planning what’s next on the fundraising calendar for 2018.

'Community fundraising is vital for our small charity and the money that the Worcester White Stuff team have fundraised for MSF over the past 5+ years has made a really positive difference to the families who attend MSF clubs and play schemes,' adds Cassie. 'Thank you so much to the whole team for being such fantastic fundraisers!'