We spend a lot of time figuring out how to do minimal damage to the world around us and, while we can’t say we’re perfect, we’re constantly looking at how we can do things better.

Protecting our planet

We’re investing time and money to help us work in environmentally friendly ways. We show everyone who works at White Stuff how to keep their energy usage down and make sure they're mindful of their 'footprint' - from thinking of the trees when we print, to cutting back on our air miles.

Protecting our planet

We’re always looking to reduce waste wherever we can, from using recyclable packaging to cutting back on our
water usage.

Green stuffers

We have an environmental committee with representatives from different departments who look at how to minimise our environmental impact in our head office and across our shops.

Protecting our planet

Our shops are full of reclaimed and upcycled bits and bobs. It's not just a style statement, it's an ethical choice.

We are committed to sourcing cotton ethically and sustainably

We are committed to sourcing cotton ethically and sustainably. Our commitment is to only use sustainably sourced cotton by 2024. By working closely with our suppliers, we are delighted to offer organic cotton and Fairtrade Sourced Cotton products.