Our Brand

Create Responsibly

Head Office supports a new local charity every 3 years

Creating responsibly runs through everything we do.

We want to make a meaningful difference by connecting people, enhancing communities and creating our beautiful products in a way that benefits those around us. To achieve this, we focus on four key areas: our community, our people, our supply chain and our environment. By actively engaging our customers, teams, suppliers and communities we make sure that we are all creating responsibly.

Create Together

A D.C. team run for charity - with a colourful ending

We're a sociable, talented and energetic bunch here at White Stuff, proud to be part of such a great business, and passionate about our customers. We work hard to put people at the heart of our business, building and sustaining a sense of community and shared success, where everyone feels like they're part of something special. Each day we learn and grow together in a place that truly values creativity, sociability, responsibility and determination.

Create Conversations

One of our window displays from Summer 2017

Whether we're talking to our customers face-to-face, or engaging via email, online content or social media campaigns, our conversations connect on a human level, inspiring our customers with exciting visuals, social experiences or relevant content.

Unlike a 'theme' our seasonal conversations tell a story and actively encourage our customers to take part and join in to enrich and personalise the story.

Our conversations show our customers that we share the same interests and values and help us to maintain a meaningful relationship. Fused with our distinctive, funny and sometimes just unconventional personality our conversations engage and inspire our customers wherever they may be.


Bluewater Kids Den & changing rooms at Bath

Hello, make yourself at home! We create places where people feel welcome whether they are in our shops, online or flicking through one of our books. Our shops are more than homely hangouts. We love our customers to pop in for a cuppa and bring their pets for a bowl of water and a treat. In fact kids, friends, everyone is welcome!

Of course all our shops old or new are given the white stuff treatment so customers can expect a large of helping of individuality, creativity and a big welcome from our teams. Our shops are special so it makes sense that our locations are too. We prefer to set up house in the heart of communities that are rich in heritage and history. We love restoring and renovating buildings bringing back community treasures.

But you won't just find us in communities, we bring our brand to life online through our website, social media and emails, too. We've always got something interesting to say and say it in an interesting way. Whether its words, images or video, we bring our brand to life, telling interesting stories from bricks to clicks!

Create Products

Summer 2017

We are a lifestyle brand with an informal outlook on life. We are relaxed and light hearted and even when we do smart we are not uptight or overly groomed.

We have character; we are not mass market or ordinary and we don't want our products to look like this either. We stand for natural and authentic and that goes for our fabrics and yarns too.
We try to avoid anything synthetic where we can.

We're known for our original and unique prints. Generally designed in house, from a variety of inspirational starting points, they offer standout but are never overpowering.

We combine fresh, interesting and inspiring colours for each collection. We love colour in all its moods, from muted tones to bold brights.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We like our clothes to be versatile and become wardrobe favourites, things you can wear and wear for years to come.