Our Vision: To be better, to be different and to be original

What we believe in

Our heritage is important. Born in a bar, not a boardroom, we're not afraid to be different (or better, or original); making a meaningful difference is at the heart of what we do. We are a continually evolving creative lifestyle brand, crafted and shaped by the people who love us most (aka you and the wonderful people who work with us). Whilst we are independent, free spirited and optimistic, we always stay true to our heritage and values.

We like to inspire and surprise our customers in an engaging way, building relationships. We may be bold but like to be understated. We like to create special things. Original designs, one-of-a-kind prints, little details (hidden or seen) and those extra special touches are our thing that sets us apart.

We are a human brand that believes in doing good stuff, from looking after our people, supporting the communities in which we work or how we make all the amazing stuff we make.

From products, places and conversations, to people and responsibility; we're doing good stuff from Bangalore to Bournemouth.

Our Vision - What we believe in