How To Wear Yellow
How To Wear Yellow

Our quick and easy guide to wearing this season’s hottest hue

Think of yellow and instantly the sun springs to mind. According to experts it’s the colour that commands instant attraction because of its feel-good, happy powers. “Wow, sounds great, sign me up now!” - that’s the initial reaction, right? It’s more than a good enough reason to want to wear it…but if that’s the case, why can this desirable, sunny hue be such a tricky one to wear and one that many are wary of? From finding the right shade for you, to other stylish tips and tricks, here’s how to wear yellow with confidence and flair all year-round.

Sunny side up

From buttercup to chartreuse to mustard, there’s a tone to suit everyone, it’s all about finding the one that complements your skin. Generally, as a rule of thumb, the darker your eyes, hair and skin, the bolder you can go. If you have a lighter natural colouring, opt for a paler shade, closer to a pastel yellow colour. Wearing contrasting separates provides pace to your outfit and helps draw attention to the areas you want to highlight and flatter your figure. For focus up top, wear a bright yellow knit paired with a dark toned skirt with yellow accents. And to tie the look together, add a necklace as the final flourish. It’ll break up the expanse of colour.

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Print works

Still working up the courage to wearing a yellow style as a block colour? Pattern and print are clever stepping-stone choices as they break up large areas of colour. Look for styles with a yellow base that showcase prints in neutral accents for a refined take on the trend. Kaftans, tunics and tops are ideal when trying this look – simply pair with your favourite jeans or jeggings and you’re good to go. 

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Colour blocking

Fun and upbeat, colour blocking to contrast yellow with other shades is a great all-year-round style trick to try out. Not only can it help structure your look, but wearing it as a final layer, such as a yellow cardi, is a smart option as it won’t reflect directly on to your face and overrides the skin tone rule. Simply wear over a contrasting top in a colour that suits your skin tone – white is always a failsafe choice as it bounces light up on to your face and adds a crisp, clean feel to the look. Introduce a third colour with trousers or a skirt and complete the look with contrast footwear.

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Middle ground

If you’re not quite ready to dive straight into wearing yellow clothing head first, then printed skirts and trousers are the savvy way to take on this tone whilst still making a statement. Pick out other colours that go with yellow in the print and use them as your guide to building the rest of your outfit for a cohesive look. 

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Gently does it

Step out of your comfort zone and dial up wardrobe staple monochromes and greys with a chic dose of vitamin D. A yellow colour combination print is just the ticket to get you on your way to experimenting with this happy hue. For an easy way in, look to pale and mid-tone neutrals as your main palette – not only do they dilute the vibrancy, but they’re an elegant and softer approach to trying out this sunny shade.

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Dip your toe

Not only do they add the finishing touches to an outfit, yellow fashion accessories are also a great way to try out this bold colour. And when in a vibrant tone, they make the perfect statement, instantly earning you bonus style points and taking your look up a notch. From everyday bags and shoes to fabulous scarves and jewellery, we’ve got your bright and bold wardrobe additions covered.

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