Chloe Flint Interview

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Chloe Flint Interview

We are always looking for new ways to do original things, which is why our latest White Stuff Nurtures Talent collaboration celebrates an up and coming creative star.

It was at Chloe Flint's graduate show at the Royal College of Art, where our Design team met the talented pattern designer and instantly took a shine to her bold, graphic floral prints and the fresh simplicity of her work.

Here, Chloe tells us in her own words about the inspiration behind her eye-catching print designs and how it feels to see her creations turned into a fashion collection for the first time.

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How do you feel
about collaborating
with White Stuff
on this collection?

Collaborating with White Stuff has been an amazing opportunity for me, not only has it given me more exposure, it's also been really interesting and exciting to see how other designers use my drawings and print designs, adapt them and build a beautiful and original collection.

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Chloe Flint

What inspired your print designs for
your collection?

I took inspiration from the idea of creating my own paradise and the feeling of escapism within patterns. I started by drawing the flowers and plants in a walled garden in south London. These drawings were then abstracted and collaged to create a feeling of daydreaming and getting lost within the surroundings. I used nature's natural forms and subtle shades to influence the colour palette, compositions and textures, as well as looking at Scandinavian design philosophy of harmony, simplicity and functionality.

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What do you think
of the collection?

The collection has a great, fresh feel to it. I think as a whole, the collection has really encapsulated and added to the idea of escapism and daydreaming - which I was trying to capture in my print designs.

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What is your favourite piece from the collection?

My favourite piece is the Banana Leaf Tunic. I like its simplicity and the darker, calmer atmosphere of the print.

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Chloe Flint's fabulous designs are part of our versatile linen collection. Click below to see the whole range.