The Story Of Cotton Clothing

Did you know that cotton clothing has been around for as long as 500 years? They say don't fix what isn't broken and here at White Stuff, we happen to agree - we think cotton is pretty spectacular. Not only is it breathable, comfy and durable, it looks lovely too! Discover the benefits of wearing 100% cotton clothing and find out how it's made from seed to tee.

The journey of cotton clothing

cotton flower illustration


In the beginning

Cotton plants love warm climes (just like us) and flourish in sunny weather with regular watering.


From shoot to blossom

Beautiful cotton flowers begin to bloom in shades of white, yellow, pink and red before falling off to reveal bright green pods. As the pods ripen, they turn earthy brown before fluffy clouds of cotton appear ready for harvest.


Ready for ginning

Once picked, the little clouds of cotton are ready for ginning. During this process, small sticky seeds and dirt are removed from the cotton and it's turned into bales ready for spinning.


Woven, printed, stiched

Now spun, the cotton yarn is knitted or woven into sheets of fabric. Then it's dyed or printed ready to be cut, sewn and stitched into cotton clothes. At White Stuff, many of our prints are drawn by hand in our London HQ - which makes this process even more special.


Time to design

Now it's time to design, cut and stitch the cotton into flattering shapes and wearable designs. From t-shirts to tunics, there are lots of things to consider before the cotton clothes arrive in store.


The finishing touches

And then for the finishing touches; a pocket here, a fun hem there, a little embellishment to make it complete! Next, our cotton clothes are sent on their way to one of our unique White Stuff stores to wait for that special someone to come along. But that's just the beginning...

The benefits of wearing cotton clothing

Dependable, moisture-wicking and perfect for any occasion, cotton is one of our favourite things to wear. Who would have thought this little fluffy plant could create so much comfort? Here are just a few reasons we love cotton clothing.

women grey cotton jacket, top, pants

Temperature control

Breathable cotton clothes are hard to beat when it comes to finding outfits for all seasons. They'll keep you cool on stuffy summer days, and provide just the right amount of insulation on a cold autumnal evening. The perfect choice when it comes to the unpredictable British weather!

women cotton tops, denim short


One of the things we love most about our White Stuff cotton clothing is that it's hardy. Whether you're weeding the garden or keeping up with the kids, cotton isn't afraid to get its hands dirty. Tightly woven fibres keep it strong, making it perfect for withstanding washing machines. Plus, cotton doesn't retain odours like other fabrics so it doesn't need to be washed as regularly – great for the environment (and your energy bills)!

multi cotton dress


White Stuff's cotton clothing is designed to flatter. Loose silhouettes, lovely shapes and ultra-soft weaves mean cotton is a pleasure to wear. Team a cotton top with jeans and pumps for a staple day look and pick a cotton shift dress for special occasions. As cotton can be weaved into lace, jersey, velour and twill, this material is far from boring, and our quirky touches make every garment unique. Think contrasting hems, figure-flattering darts and patterns aplenty.

How to wash cotton

Save on your dry cleaning bill by investing in cotton clothes. They can be thrown into the wash at 30˚C, although we always recommend checking the label first! Wash with similar colours and never skimp on fabric softener - it'll keep your clothes ultra-soft and comfy.

If tumble drying, do it on a low setting and remove your clothes while still a little damp so they can air dry naturally. Or you can hang them out to dry - a natural breeze will give them a gorgeous fresh scent! Once ironed, always try to hang your cotton clothes to avoid wrinkles and help maintain their shape.

washing machine care illustration