Fashion Foie Gras' Guide to Modern Layering

Fashion blogger Emily Johnston from Fashion Foie Gras shares her key buys for the perfect Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

I'll just come right out and say it. Autumn winter is THE fashion season. Sure, I love a sunny day just the same as any other and Summer is truly a time of year to enjoy and cherish, every hot minute of it. But, when it comes to fashion, Autumn/Winter is the season where style comes into its own and the masses are challenged with the everyday necessity to layer. While such a practice should, technically speaking, be all about keeping warm, it's also a chance to show off some serious skill in putting together a wardrobe of prints, patterns and textures.

While there is no exact science to layering, there are a few tricks of the trade that I find make everything a little easier, and a few new pieces in collections that you may be wondering how to wear and when.

For Autumn/Winter there are a few key styles that are a part of every stylish wardrobe. So how do you wear them?


Let's start with the statement coat. This is THE item that every woman needs in their closet. It's the item you can throw on any outfit to give it a stylish edge. I call it my sartorial emergency measure. Layer this over boyfriend jeans and a clean cut cashmere sweater, pair with a slim boot and walk out the door ready to take the world by storm. Check out the Snow Catcher Coat if you're in need of a style statement for the season ahead.

Now, onto one of the hottest trends of the season – the Coatigan. This is the ultimate statement in versatility. The Icicle Coatigan is the perfect layer for a casual day out. Wear with jeans for the ultimate weekend wear or pair with a smart pair of trousers to give a more casual flare to work attire. If you're headed out for a more stylish affair, wear your coatigan over a white long sleeved tee, paired with a chic skirt and over the knee boots.


For something in between the statement coat and the comfy coatigan, buy into the sleeveless cardi. Whether wrapping up for a night by the fire with a group of friends or wearing to snuggle in the comfort of your own home, this is a friend to fashionistas everywhere. Dress it up with a sparkly broach, cinch it all in with a slim belt for a more tailored look or dress it down by layering on a chunky scarf.

Speaking of chunky scarves. Stock up on these! There are a thousand ways to incorporate such an item into your layering strategy. Just look on YouTube for 50 ways to wear and you'll be amazed at what you can do with an oversized and super soft scarf.

As I have always said, and always will, fashion is all about you. Wear what keeps you warm, is comfortable, fits correctly and makes you feel a million dollars. If you check all those boxes, you'll be the most stylish woman strutting down the pavement.

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