How to Wear:

When the weather plays havoc with your wardrobe, put your trust in our unflappable ladies coatigans. A coat-cardigan hybrid, this little gem is the perfect transitional wardrobe-wonder for unseasonably cool summers and surprisingly mild winters...

What is a coatigan?

Lighter than a winter coat yet warmer than a cardigan, the coatigan is one of those items you don't think you need till you've got it.

It'll bridge that awkward between-seasons period; when wind, clouds and cold play havoc with your wardrobe and it feels like there's just no practical way to dress. The coatigan; with its gloriously heavy knit, flattering shape and comfortable style, will prove itself as the perfect transitional item time and time again.

Where to wear a coatigan

Inside, outside, to work or on the school run; the coatigan knows no bounds.

Wear yours around the house on a chilly autumnal day, or throw it on for a last minute coffee with friends - just remember to pack a brolly if rain is on the cards - this warm knit is no match for a great British downpour!

How to wear a coatigan inside...

Combat cold snaps by cuddling up in one of our lovely ladies coatigans. Wear with your favourite flattering jeans and t-shirt, or go ultra cosy in a tunic and leggings. It'll keep you warm, stylish and completely comfortable while you potter around the house.

How to wear a coatigan outside...

Half coat, half cardi - the coatigan was made for crisp autumnal strolls with a four-legged friend. Ward off shivers and head out for a woodland adventure with your coatigan worn over a relaxed dress, tights and boots. The heavy knit fabric is perfect for chilly temperatures but light enough to be comfortable if the clouds part and sun suddenly appears (fingers crossed!).

Choosing your perfect coatigan...

Whether you prefer bold colours or neutral hues, choose a coatigan you can see working with other clothes already in your wardrobe. Naturally oversized, our ladies coatigans are effortlessly flattering and look beautiful pulled in at the waist.

If you're short, opt for a shorter length coatigan to save your outfit from becoming too oversized. If you're tall, slightly longer coatigans will end at just the right place - perfect for staying warm and looking lovely! The best thing about coatigans? No matter what shape you are, there's one out there for you.

3 rules to wearing the coatigan


Outside, inside; the coatigan
can be worn
no matter what the occasion


Invest in a statement belt
to pull in your coatigan
and define your waist


As the coatigan
is naturally oversized,
keep your clothes fitted