How To Layer Clothes

It's a time-tested technique that comes around every year when the cold starts to bite – it's time to add more layers. Layering clothes isn't only a weapon against the weather, though, if you get it right it makes an effortless style statement for every season.

Here’s how to co-ordinate, stay comfortable and avoid the dreaded bulk with our top ideas for layering outfits.

Choose your base wisely

The first layer of your outfit is there for the long haul, so give it some thought. Make sure it works as a standalone look in case the weather heats up and keep the pieces smooth and lightweight to create the perfect base.

pink tees
womens basics
womens vest cotton tops

Start with leggings, or a pair of super skinny jeans and add a long cotton vest top. By keeping your first layer cool and comfortable, you've got the perfect foundation to build on.


Stay streamlined

The easiest way to go wrong with layering outfits is to pile heavy clothes on top of heavy clothes, creating a look that's rather more lumpy than lovely. Avoid any faux pas by sticking to lightweight fabrics and fitted cuts.

yellow cardis
lightweight knits jumpers

If you're going for jeans, choose a slim or skinny fit and when it comes to jumpers, stick with lightweight knits over chunkier styles. The key is balance - if you're wearing lots of tops then stay streamlined on the bottom with slim-fit trousers and fitted boots.


Pick a palette

When you're wearing lots of pieces at once, there's the risk your look could become too busy. Keep things coordinated by sticking to an overall colour palette and wearing only one printed piece at a time.

womens pink meow top
womens top tees

Go for pastel shades like blush pinks, rich creams and baby blues. Or try teaming navy with crisp whites, a Breton top and a pop of red for a nautical look.


Don't Stop At Layering Clothes

Not only do accessories add the perfect finishing touch, they pull your layered look together. A long, beaded necklace will make your body look elongated under multiple layers – and create an on-trend boho style that's perfectly suited to layered outfits. Or add a scarf for a cosy pop of colour.

womens lightweight scarf
womens gold tassel necklace

If you're worried about losing your curves to the layers, use a belt to nip in your waist. Knotting a leather belt over an open shirt or cardigan (or both!) creates a relaxed style that's gorgeously flattering. Plus, it's the perfect way to highlight your waist without adding extra bulk – and even works over a coat.


Give It A Twist

Got a favourite summer dress? Don't put it away just because the temperature has dropped. Extend the wear of your warm-weather wardrobe by learning how to layer clothes through the seasons. Dresses, skirts and shirts are some of our favourite layering pieces - even when the mercury plummets!

Layer up by pulling on an open shirt over your dress, or make the most of your summer buys by wearing them with a long-sleeved top underneath. Team with tights and socks for an extra cosy level of layers!