Rebecca Raynham's Nightwear Favourites

Guest blogger and new mum, Rebecca Raynham talks motherhood and me-time and picks her favourite pieces from our new nightwear collection.

I sometimes find that, being a mum to two small children, it's easy for me to forget about myself and what makes me feel good. So much energy is directed towards making the children happy and keeping them clean and well fed, that by the end of the day all I want to do is crawl into bed and pass out.

Weeks (or months) can go by, without so much as a thought towards my own well-being. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change it for the world, I love raising my children and seeing the lovely little humans that they are becoming. But sometimes, doing little things for myself is absolutely needed, to keep functioning as a person.

When you are a new mum, all of the lack of attention to your own self-care can create a "not feeling like yourself" kind of vibe. It's nice to find ways to start feeling like yourself again.

Finding some time each week, to indulge in something that I enjoy, definitely helps to rejuvenate me and then, in turn, make me feel like a better mum.

Some things that I like to do, to give myself a boost are;

Going for a run or other types of exercise. This might be a weird one for some, but I find that it really clears my head. It gives me a chance to think and I feel really alive afterwards. Plus it helps to keep me fit!

Make sure I carve out time to see family and friends. I get a real boost from socialising and it is often a great pick me up. It's wonderful to catch up with people, have a little laugh, a cry and have some good, old fashioned adult conversation.

Have some alone time with my husband. This can be watching a favourite TV show, catching up over dinner, or going for a walk together. We are together a lot, but it's hard for us to have a normal chat half of the time. Our two year old has developed the habit of shouting over us, each time we try to talk to each other! It's sometimes nice to be able to have some grown-up time together, without the distraction of the little ones.

Wear fun clothes, even if they aren't always practical and getting a good haircut. Nothing makes me feel fresher than a hair update! I also love expressing myself with what I wear, this is an important part of who I am and I don't want to lose it. So yes, I will wear pink trousers to the park and leopard print shoes on the preschool run! Even if that seems ridiculous to others.

When I had a look at the new White Stuff nightwear collection, I knew it was just what I needed to freshen up my sleepwear - something prettier and more appropriate for the warmer weather. The pieces are elegant, but comfortable and are just what I need right now, to treat myself and start feeling more like "me" again.

They are beautifully designed, with lightweight fabrics to keep you a comfortable temperature at night and I love how you can mix and match each of the pieces, as they are all so complementary to each other.

The Ruby Sleep Tee

The Luna Lemon Sweat

This top is made from a super cosy sweater material, but it isn't too heavy, so ideal for slightly chillier mornings (or evenings) in the summer. I love the tie that's at the bottom, as it gives you some options on how to wear it. The slouchy sleeves are comfortable and loose and the lemons add a nice pop of colour.

Shop The Luna Lemon Sweat

Shop The Beatrice Broidery PJ Bottoms

The Beatrice Broidery PJ Bottoms

The whole collection looks fresh and is full of pretty patterns and colours. The fabrics are soft and lightweight, which is perfect for the warmer months that are about to come.

I will probably be living in my new PJs now, as I don't feel like such a hot mess in them. I'm even happy to answer the door to the postman and my neighbours in them!

Here's to looking after ourselves a bit more and maybe getting a bit more sleep in some snazzy nightwear... well, we can dream can't we?