A walk on the
wild side

When we grew up our parents saw a Lasagne as an 'exotic' meal. Thankfully these days our palates have matured that we enjoy tastier spice-laden dishes as the norm.

Our cooking spices appear courtesy of our well stocked spice racks, colourfully curated by our local supermarket. We imagined what was involved in getting those little jars of coloured powders from source to our kitchen worktop? And horrified, we decided to explore the amazing world of foraging and were pleased to find out that pretty well all our bought spices could be substituted with home sourced fungi, seaweed, seeds, leaves, flowers and roots of plants, all common across the UK.

All that is needed is a bit of education, research and a smidgen of preparation. Expert foragers, like Mark Williams has an unpretentious approach to teaching you how create your very own Wild Spice Rack. So farewell Cardamon and hello Hogweed.

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