The Laws
of Physics

Buildings where the rules of design have not just been broken but literally turned on their heads

Architects, what are they like? There are always going to be the visionaries who try and push the boundaries in design and construction. And then there are the bonkers lot who just want to let their imagination and visions run amok and at times be just that little bit silly with their designs.

They love to create buildings that are optically a mystery, ones that defy gravity and some that definitely demand a second glance. Buildings that spur the imagination, make you question reality and frankly make you scratch your head, which can't be a bad thing.

In contrast to these over-indulgent architect designed buildings, check out the UK's 'drunkest' pub. The family-friendly Crooked House in Staffordshire was built in 1765 and it fell prey to the underground mines back in the 19th century which meant it became a natural, living, breathing optical illusion.

Sturdy, safe and welcoming now, it is actually 4 foot higher from one end to the other, with windows hanging at a staggering angle of 16˚.
A mind-bending optical illusion that'll have you wobbling on the way in, as well as on the way out.