Do Not Disturb

Daydreaming is so easy, you could do it with your eyes shut

Interesting Facts About Daydreaming:

1. Although it seems like you drift off for minutes, if not hours, at a time, the average, packed daydream actually lasts for a mere 14 seconds.

2. Your daydreams are unique to you! We tend to daydream about matters related to us, which means that you and the person daydreaming next to you are daydreaming about something completely different.

3. Daydreaming taps into, and helps release, some of your most creative thoughts. If you are teetering on the edge of a creative idea? Allow yourself to daydream about it and you may be surprised at what your daydream reveals. Einstein practiced daydreaming and so did Newton. QED.

4. Because your brain becomes more active and stimulated in your daydream state, the act of daydreaming can actually be highly stimulating. So yes, daydreaming CAN make you smarter!

Proof indeed that daydreaming can be good for you, so it's important we try and to set aside some time for some quality contemplation. Who knows where it will take you and what eureka moments lay ahead. The last thing you need is to be disturbed mid drift, so consider a designated area for daydreaming at home or at work, make sure everyone knows not to disturb you, perhaps wear a badge or make a sign to that effect.

Roll it out further and why shouldn't public spaces be pressurised into catering for us daydreamers. Think re-charging areas established in motorway service stations, quiet zones in shopping malls or even in-shop daydream armchairs. Add an adjoining notice board for you to share your creative thoughts and it could be very enlightening.