We're dreaming
of a white Xmas

Create the perfect Winter Wonderland
on your kitchen table.

Unfortunately in Good Ol' Blighty when it comes to snow, dreaming is about all we can do these days.

But what if we could make our own snow, just when we wanted it?

There are a few 'recipes' scattered around the internet, some a bit iffy, but we think the best of the best seems to be the following...

You'll need:

  • - A large mixing bowl
  • - Baking soda or bicarbonate of soda, (not baking powder)
  • - Conditioner
  • - Silver glitter (optional)
  • - Measure 6 parts of bicarbonate of soda to 1 part of conditioner into the bowl and mix it together with your hands, then adjust measures to get the perfect snow consistency. Add some glitter, not too much mind, and it makes the snow sparkle. For good measure it also feels cold.
  • Seriously scale up and show off to the neighbours. Voila it's time to go off-piste.