Face the

Collaborative art creations that are out
of control

Surrealism Art ‘expresses imaginative dreams and visions free from conscious rational control.’

Hmmm, that sounds very clever and grown up doesn’t it? Although we like the idea of producing imaginative art when control is removed, it reminded us of a game we used to play called ‘picture consequences’.

Here’s what you need.
1. Start with an A4 piece of paper.
2. Cut it vertically to make two long thin strips of paper.
3. Fold into four horizontally (half and half again), so you have a strip with four sections. Repeat to make as many strips as you need for a few goes.
4. Hand one to each player, who will secretly draw a head on the top section (note, with the neck just overlapping the fold).
5. When everyone is finished, you all fold your top section backwards so it is hidden, having just the extended neck lines so they are visible on the second section for the next artist.
6. Pass the strips to the left, making sure no one peeks at the first drawing.
7. Players repeat the process but this time they draw a body, remembering to add the little overlap lines so the next artist can join up the figure.
8. Repeat the fold and rotation. The third stage is drawing from the waist to the knee.
9. Repeat again with the last drawing being bottom half of the legs and the feet.
10. When everyone has finished it’s time for the big reveal. At the same time, everyone unfolds the drawing they are holding and they are shared to the other players. Perfect, random, surrealism. Fit for any gallery wall (or the fridge), plus us if you can, we’d love to see them so we can post the best in our Consequences Gallery.
It can be done with three people minimum, just fold the paper in three (not four).