Let's go shoot a Yeti

It's time for a little bit of mischief.
Fact! Of what? Faked!

We’re planning something really big and need your help.

Whilst researching the many Yeti sightings, one thing each one has in common is the ropey quality of the photos/video, but it’s this that appears to add to the mystery and strengthen the story.

THE PLAN: To try and get the most Yeti sightings reported across the UK on local tv/radio/press/online.

THE SET-UP: We need you to either borrow grannies furry hat and jacket, pop to the fancy dress shop for a gorilla suit or improvise in the brilliant way you always do.

THE SHOOT: Choose a suitable location that a Yeti may inhabit, a park maybe. It’s important you aren’t seen setting up and taking the shots. For authenticity think a little blurry, even a tad out of focus, maybe enlarged and grainy or even black and white.

THE STING: Then on the 30th November we would like you to release the images to the world. Post them online, use social media, contact your local newspaper, you know what to do. Let’s see how far we can make news of your Yeti sightings travel.