A drink so chilly it’ll send shivers down your spine.

We like gin, we like gin a lot, but had not heard of this one before. So to pay tribute to the icy legend that is the Yeti we thought we’d give this abominably blue gin drink a bash.

The Yeti Cocktail

The stuff you'll need:

- 45ml dry gin, (Ungava if you happen to have it).

- 15ml Blue Curaçao

- 90ml lemonade

- Soda water

- Ice, extra cold if possible

- Lemon, to garnish

- Straw, to drink through

Combine the gin and lemonade in a tall glass, mix well and add some ice. Top up with soda water and drizzle over the Blue Curaçao. Add the lemon and serve it unstirred, that way the blue will fade in the glass and look fab. Get your guests to give it a little stir with the straw before tasting it. Repeat as necessary.

Tip: Freeze the glasses in advance so they have a frosty feel when served to add an extra icy effect.