Say it in ink

When doodling, no one can hear
you scream

As welcoming as a sneaky daydream drift is, it isn’t always possible in certain situations, like times when you have to look awake, be alert and on your best behaviour. Don’t worry, there are other ways to channel your sub-conscious and wandering mind by doodling.

Best achieved on a wad of paper with a classic blue biro, so you can press really hard, (single sheets and a thin ballpoint just doesn’t cut it). To prepare, relax, let the ‘blah blah blah’ of the person talking soothe your state of mind, and with one eye and just one ear on the topic in the room, gently place pen to paper and allow your alpha state to release the arrows of frustration from your pen, without knowing you’ll be sketching the ladders of ambition and drawing the stars of aspiration.

What you doodle says a lot about your sub-conscious state of mind, so let’s see what you are made of, share with friends your most puzzling page of doodles and let them try and either predict your future path or just ponder together what the heck is going on in the depths of your mind.

Our Doodle Clinic is always open for business, next patient please.