Something in
the Water

Stirring drinks not just for the on-duty driver

DryJanuary and Stoptober might be firmly established on the year's calendar, but we think it won't be long until we are being encouraged to observe WhyJuly, NoNovember and Lushruary. The point is, taking time out from the booze for a month now and again is medically beneficial. Yes, we get that it can be a good thing, but we still want to go out, entertain and socialise with friends and often that'll involve a cheeky glass of something. SO WHAT DO WE DRINK?

A good question. But rather than be served an over-sweet, flavoured water or pretend we are cool with non-alcoholic wine, we obviously need to be creative, use our imagination and enjoy discovering tasty, refreshing and perhaps downright bizarre alternative tipples. See it as a month of liquid discovery.

We're definitely on it in the Sideways Glance office, so the challenge we would like to extend to you is to come up with a new non-alcoholic drink, hot or cold. We'll need the ingredients, the preparation, any serving notes and a good review. Let's see what we can create, the winning drink will be named 'The Sideways Glance.' The only rule is that it has to taste fab.

Good luck to all of us and bottoms up!