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Spend your Christmas Day afternoon wrapped up in something seriously fluffy!

Turkey, the crack of crackers and the Queen's speech. We love Christmas, a time when you can live in your sloppy joes and catch up on some cool TV. If only the telly-box was stuffed with less repeats! What would make the perfect afternoon is a film with breath-taking scenery, set in the snow. We'd need some heroes and of course a token baddy. Maybe a weepy moment but definitely a good ending.

Sounds to us like a Yeti movie, and there are lots to choose from.
Not sure they tick all the boxes, but they do all have a Yeti.

  • Yeti Curse of the Snow Demon - 2008
  • The Snow Creature - 1954
  • Shriek of the Mutilated - 1974
  • Snow Beast - 2011
  • Yeti: A Love Story - 2006
  • Ostroznie, Yeti! - 1961
  • Yeti - 1977
  • To Catch a Yeti - 1995
  • The Abominable Snowman 1957 & 1996
  • Deadly Descent - 2013
  • La maldición de la bestia - 1975
  • Apologies in advance if they are a little bit pants. Reviews always welcome.