Up and away

Great news thrill seekers, access to unique, interesting places to holiday is really looking up.

Glamping tents, rickety huts, bizarre cabins, railway carriages, traditional yurts, narrowboats, classic gypsy caravans, caves or a friendly old bothy, the list of quirky places to stay is endless and booming. Now treehouses have picked up the baton and in differing disguises are popping up all over the UK.

One such unique treehouse is Canopy & Stars at Crane 29. Listed as the world’s first treehouse on a crane, this low-impact, urban building is nestled along the harbourside. Sadly just a temporary structure, it is limited to 100 nights only. So get in quick if you can, or failing that just be inspired to rummage around the internet and discover the whacky, weird and wonderful world of treehouses. All open for business and all firmly planted on home soil.

Please note, pets and treehouses obviously don’t really go together. Unless however you have a pet Kestrel, then we’d check with the owners.

Take a look and get inspired at www.quirkyaccom.com