Mind Airlines

First class travel from the comfort of
your armchair

Two weeks in the sun and a week in the alps. It's a fab thought, but in reality it isn't going to serve up a plate full of surprises.

The scenery is too familiar, you've been there before and no matter how bright the sun shines or how fresh the powder, it can sometimes sadly be taken for granted.

Imagine, and we mean imagine, if every vista you are faced with felt like you were standing shoulder to shoulder with David Attenborough.

Our planet is host to some of the most mind blowing and surreal views, but some aren't quite as accessible as an low-cost airline jaunt to Meribel.

So rather than miss out, we'd like to welcome you aboard our 'Wandering Mind Airlines'.

A virtual travel experience, where you hop onboard, take your seat, slip off your shoes and relax. We are clear for take off, just focus on that amazing view and immerse your imagination in a breathtaking adventure.

Savour each moment, oh and yes, send us a postcard if you like.